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Power Connector 6 Kit
Power Connector PC-6 Kit
Power Transfer/Charger Kit
Power Transfer/Charger Kit v1.13
Power Connector Kit PC5 V.2
Power Connector Kit PC5v2
Power Switch Module
Power Switch Module PCM25 Kit
Power Distribution Center Kit
Power Distribution Center Kit

Dual-Band J-Pole
J-Pole Antennas

K9JEB No Longer Selling products as of Aug 1 2022 Please do not send new orders.

Hi - I'm John K9JEB, Amateur Radio Operator from Camano Island, WA USA
     About K9JEB.com (It's just ME - the one guy...)

  I design and build circuit boards primarily for power distribution, using the standard Anderson PowerPole connectors that HAM radio operators (and a lot of other fields) use. I have designed these circuit boards because I needed them - and now sharing the finished product with others who do also. We need our equipment to communicate, and I want HAMs to get what we need at the lowest possible cost.
  These boards are sold as kits, to encourage the spirit of invention and self-reliance that the tradition of HAM Radio has had from its earlyiest beginnings. We used to build our own equipment - not buy it! I encourage people to try building these kits, but I know they can be difficult if folks don't have the experience. I still want to help make sure it works, so some folks who just couldn't get it working send it to me, and I am happy to "fix" it if something just didn't work out.
  I use low-cost, commodity-type components, to keep costs low, yet still be reliable. I personally test almost every component that goes in your kit - I want your kit to work just like you expect. I pull, pack, and ship every single kit myself personally. When you get something in the mail - I personally packed it just for you!
  The philosophy here is to provide a much lower cost product than "retail" for HAMs who want to "build their own" rather than buy something mass-produced. I do actively support other HAMs that are in business to make money, but profit is not the purpose of my site or products. When I must raise prices (like I did again in December 2021) it is a specific impact of inflation, and market prices for the commodity-level components I use. For example, the cost of the Anderson PowerPole connectors has gone up 80% in 2022, and I am not able to find a resonable cost (or reliable) supplier.
  These kits are sold at the very lowest possible margin, and savings are passed on directly to customers. This is my hobby, not a "business" - most of my time and expense in design, assembly, website, etc. is unpaid and actual "profit" from sales is very small. The few dollars that do end up as extra are put back directly into development, buying and testing new components and designs.
  I don't advertise anywhere, so if you are here - I hope it's by a recommendation from someone you know who has used one of these products! If you have any kind of an issue with a product, I will always make it right for you. I hope you enjoy your product - and tell a friend!

In my spare time, I build UHF/VHF antennas and design electronic circuits like the Power Pole Distribution Center - for the advancement of HAM Radio.
Please take a look at the products listed on the left, and see which fits your needs.
I'm also a volunteer with the Island County ACS team

All products are designed and built in Redmond, WA USA - By a HAM, For HAMs
 Always Locally grown, non-GMO, and gluten-free!

New Power Switch Module with 3D-Printed Case
Power Switch Module with 3D Case

New Power Connector PC-6 Kit with DVM and 3D-Printed Case
Power Connector Kit PC-6 with DVM Case

Power Transfer/Charger Kit As shown in the 2019 ARRL Handbook
Power Transfer/Charger Kit
This board fits on top of a 9/10Ah gel cell battery, and charges the battery from the external supply while the supply powers attached radios etc. When the supply is removed, the battery continues to power the equipment. When external power is restored, it again charges the battery.

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These are some of the places where you might find me listening:

  • DMR: WA-1 or WA-2 talkgroups, occasionally North America or Worldwide
  • Analog: Tiger Mt. N6OBY 443.325 +5.0MHz (103.5) - Redmond ARES Sunday Night net @1930 Please check in as a visitor!
  • Redmond KC7IYE 145.310 -0.6MHz (103.5)
  • Puget Sound Radio Group PSRG WW7PSR 146.960 -0.6MHz (103.5)
  • Woodinville K6RFK 147.340 +0.6MHz (100.0)

Here are my current DMR codeplugs,
Remember to change the Radio ID and main screen info to your own...
if you want to download these, save the link as an RDT file locally to program your radio.

You can also find my current vehicle location on APRS:  truck or car

This is a presentation I give on Power Distribution, Generation, and Storage in PPTX and PDF versions.
Contact me email or by my callsign through QRZ.com or ARRL.net.