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Power Transfer/Charger Kit
Power Transfer/Charger Kit v1.13
Power Distribution Center Kit
Power Distribution Center Kit
Power Connector Kit PC5 V.2
Power Connector Kit PC5v2

Dual-Band J-Pole
J-Pole Antennas

New Item - Custom Case for PC-5 Power Connector Kit!

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Power Transfer/Charger Kit is a SLA battery charger and transfer circuit for 7-9Ah form factor, with automatic transfer to battery when external power fails.
The PowerConnector PC-5 kit is a simple board great for power distribution when you don't need all of the features the Power Center kit offers. Now available with optional custom case!
  • The DC Power Center Kit can be ordered as just the basic board, or with lots of flexible options!
  • The PDC Full/MAX Kits come with a project box, a DVM, and 1 USB Charger module, the MAX PDC Kit comes with a project box, a DVM, and 3 USB Charger modules!
  • Power Center Basic Board comes with one Input, one Output with Master Fuse and Indicator LED, and one optional Output.
  • Order just the basic board with One input and 2 Power Pole Outputs, or add up to 6 more Outputs for more devices!
  • Each Output is a set with Power Pole connectors with its own Fuse and LED "Blown Fuse" Indicator. Digital Volt Meter right on the PDC board!

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Item Description Quantity Price $USD Total $USD
1 Power Transfer/Charger Kit V1.13
Power Transfer/Battery Charger Kit V1.13 for standby power and charging 7-9Ah SLA Battery
2 MEGA Power Center Kit V5 - 10 USB Chargers, Voltmeter, Project box
MEGA Maxed Out PDC
MEGA Board Kit, Project Box, 10 USB Chargers and switched Voltmeter

Now with Mounting holes for Raspberry Pi! Be sure to order 2 Alternate Mounting Kits for each Pi board so they'll stack up!
3 MAX Power Center Kit V5 - 8 Outputs, 3 USB Chargers, Switched Voltmeter, Project box
Maxed Out PDC
MAX Board Kit, capacitors, 8 fused outputs, Project Box, 3 USB Chargers and switched Voltmeter
4 Full Power Center Kit V5 - 8 Outputs, 1 USB Charger, Switched Voltmeter, Project box
Full PDC
Full Board Kit, with capacitors, 8 fused outputs, Project Box, 1 USB Charger and switched Voltmeter
5 PC-5 v1 Power Connector Kit - 5 outputs

Add Custom Case
Add DVM and Case
2 for $18.60, 3+ $8.30 each
6 PC-5 v2 Power Connector Kit - 5 outputs + filter capacitors

Add Custom Case
Add DVM and Case
7 PC-51 v2 Power Connector Kit - 5 outputs + 1 USB Charger, filter capacitors

Add Custom Case
Add DVM and Case
8 PC-52 v2 Power Connector Kit - 5 outputs + 2 USB Chargers, filter capacitors

Add Custom Case
Add DVM and Case
9 PC-53 v2 Power Connector Kit - 5 outputs + 3 USB Chargers, filter capacitors
PowerConnector3USB no photo available yet

Add Custom Case
Add DVM and Case
10 PC-5 Case and 4 Stainless Mounting Screws (any version)

(Note: Case may be black or gray)
11 PC-5 DVM Case with Digital Voltmeter and 6 Stainless Mounting Screws (any version)
PowerConnector Dvm Case

(Note: Case may be black or gray)
12 Basic Power Center Kit (2 Outputs, Power LED)
Basic PDC
Includes board, components as shown and online instructions
13 10A Power Rectifier Diode D3 for PTC 1.13
power diode
D3 Rectifier Diode
14 Additional Power Outputs (up to 6)

Includes Connectors, LED, Resistor, and Fuse.
15 Output Filter Capacitors (Use 1 for each Output)
16 Digital Voltmeter 6-30V
17 Extra Project Box 100mmX60mmX25mm
18 5V USB 2.5A Power Module
19 1-30V 4A max Adjustable Output Buck/Boost DC-DC Power Module
20 1-12V 2A max Adjustable Output Step-Down DC-DC Power Module
21 12V 4A Adjustable Power Supply (120VAC)

(Extra cost for shipping)
PowerPole Connectors in Blue, White, Green, Orange, Yellow also available
+$1 each connector - Just put a note on the order.
22 Pair 15A PowerPole Connectors (Red+Black)
23 Pair 30A PowerPole Connectors (Red+Black)
24 Pair 45A PowerPole Connectors (Red+Black)
25 Extra Fuses (Specify Amps)
26 Alternate Mounting - M3x5mm Nylon Standoffs and Stainless Steel Cap Screws

M3x10mm also available, please specify in notes.
27 1101 Slide Switch (1A max)
28 Power Plug w/5A Fuse and Switch
29 Build and Test 1 kit 40.00
30 Additional Shipping (if required)

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