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Power Connector 6 Kit
Power Connector PC-6 Kit
Power Transfer/Charger Kit
Power Transfer/Charger Kit v1.13
Power Connector Kit PC5 V.2
Power Connector Kit PC5v2
Power Switch Module
Power Switch Module PCM25 Kit
Power Distribution Center Kit
Power Distribution Center Kit

Dual-Band J-Pole
J-Pole Antennas

Power Pole Distribution Center Kit V.5

  • V.5 Supports up to 10 USB power modules, or a combination of step-Up or Step-Down
  • Power a whole stack of up to 10 Raspberry Pi Computers with this one single DC Power board!
  • V.5 has a switched Digital Voltmeter - Input / Off / +5V
  • V.5 Supports up to 3 switches (replaces the fuses) for circuits J2, J3, J4
  • Build your own Kit - save money and do it yourself!
  • Very Flexible - build only what you need now, add or upgrade options later
  • ARES, RACES, RSGB, ARRL standard connectors
  • Industrial Strength DC Power distribution
  • Genuine Anderson PowerPole Connectors with silver plated contact pins
  • Each output Fused with its own Fuse-Blown / Short-Circuit LED
  • Filter Capacitors on each output connection (optional) - keeps electrical/vehicle noise down
  • Hot-Connect, quick-change PowerPole connections
  • Daisy-chain several units together for lots of outputs
  • Use for collecting energy from multiple Solar Panels
  • Great for power distribution from Solar Charge Controller output to the DC load
  • Use in the Car, EOC, Go-Kit, Home, Base station, or all of them!
  • Handles 30A (total load) with option for 45A total (add your own bus bars onto the board)
  • Works even completely Under Water! (tested for this, but not recommended)
  • Optional features:
    • Switched Digital Voltmeter - reads from 5-30VDC, switch between input voltage and DC power module volts, or turn Off
    • Up to 10 Power Modules - USB, Step-Up/Down - Choose the ones you need!
    • V.5 has holes for mounting a Raspberry Pi single-board Computer to the back of the board
    • 2.5A DC-DC USB 5V Charger Power Module Option
    • 1-10V 2A Step-Down DC-DC Power Module option Can use for Baofeng, other Handheld Radio Chargers
    • 3-30V 4A Step-Up/Down DC-DC Power Module Option - Charge your laptop battery with +19VDC! (Note: too big to fit on board)
    • Up to 3 C&K 1101 Vertical Slide Switch - replaces a fuse for manually switched outputs
    • Note: the switches for J2 and J4 outputs are in the same physical location as the optional U2 and U3 power modules so it's Either/Or but not Both.
  • Shipping is about $5 for 1-2 units in the USA

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Power Pole Distribution Center V5 MAX - 3 USB Power Modules
V5 with 3 modules, on a Raspberry Pi computer board PDC V5 w/Optional Modules on Raspberry Pi
Power Pole Distribution Center MEGA version - 10 USB
PDC MEGA back side view, 10 modules PDC MEGA back
V5 MAX with switch, 3 USBs and a Raspberry Pi computer
Side View
V5 MAX Mounted on Raspberry Pi PDC Charging a Radio and Phone
Alternate Mounting: M3 Stainless Screws and M3 5mm Threaded Nylon Standoffs
(10mm and 15mm also available)
Schematic Diagram:
schematic diagram
  • Project box Dimensions: 3.75" x 2.25" x 1.5"
  • Total Current 30A, 45A with upgraded contacts and bus bar
120VAC Power Supply - DC 5A with adjustable output voltage 11-12.8VDC. (Power cords extra)
These compact lightweight switching power units can be used to charge gel-cell batteries or directly power radios 25W and under.

They fit conveniently in a Go-Kit!

Switched-Output option
Mount a C&K slide switch directly on the board, replacing the fuse, to switch on and off an output to a device.

Use for low-power devices up to 10W

120VAC Power Supply - DC 15A with adjustable output voltage
11-13VDC. (Power cords extra)
These switching power units can be used to power most desktop radios up to 50W and charge gel-cell batteries.
PDC V3 Daisy-Chain option

Power Distribution Center Kit Assembly Documentation
Here are the kit Assembly Instructions: in MS Word .DOCX format(13MB) or in PDF format(1MB) Parts List
Version 5 files Top Assembly Diagram Bottom Assembly Diagram
Schematic Diagram PDF
Version 4 files Top Assembly Diagram Bottom Assembly Diagram
Schematic Diagram JPEG
Version 3 files Top Assembly Diagram Bottom Assembly Diagram
Schematic Diagram JPEG
Schematic Diagram PDF
Version 2 files Top Assembly Diagram Bottom Assembly Diagram Schematic Diagram JPEG
Schematic Diagram PDF
Or you can always get a nice RigRunner with only 4 outputs from West Mountain for $80 (plus shipping)... :-) or Order the PDC with more outputs and options, and even save money!
Designed and built in the USA - by a HAM for HAMs
Contact me email or by my callsign through QRZ.com or ARRL.net.