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Power Switch Module PSM25

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  • Remote Power Switch Module - switches DC loads of up to 30V up to 25A Continuous
  • Anderson PowerPole connectors for power input and switched outputs
  • Two Independently-Fused Switched Outputs
  • Switch any kind of load - electronics, radios, light bars, motors, air horns, etc.
  • Dual Remote-Input Triggers - use either +V or Ground
  • Reliable solid-state low-resistance Vishay P-channel Trenchfet MOSFET
  • Low 1mA trigger activation current
  • Low-Cost, simple switching solution
  • Avoids having large clunky relays, no spark/arc like relay contacts
  • Super-fast Switching time - in microseconds (Want to send Morse Code?)
  • Can be computer-controlled - Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc
  • 3D-Printed Case available
  • Connection examples:
    • Run one single small wire from the remotely mounted board to a switch on the dash - connect the other switch terminal to any ground nearby, for a simple remote-switched power solution
    • Run one single small wire from +Trigger on the board to ignition power to have the power switched on and off with ignition power

Power Switch Module PSM25
Power input and trigger inputs
Bare Board Top-view
Available custom 3D-printed Case
Board Layout
PSM25 Assembly Instructions Parts List
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