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Power Transfer Charger Kit (prototype)

Power Transfer/Charger Kit
(Battery not included)
Assembled Kit PTC2
  • Build your own Kit - save money and do it yourself!
  • Board form factor sized to sit atop a 7-9Ah Gel Cell battery, only 1/2" high - solid 1/16" thick board
  • Charges and transfers power to 7-9Ah battery from external 13.8V supply
  • Adjustable Over-Voltage cutoff, to prevent battery damage from overcharging
  • Battery fused to protect it and external equipment
  • Board Handles 30A (Power Distribution)
  • Ultra-low resistance MOSFET handles over 12-15A continuous (up to 25A surge) from battery
  • USB 5VDC 3A Power Module
  • Battery switch to disconnect the battery if desired
  • Switched Digital Voltmeter - reads Vin/out, Battery voltage or Off
  • Filter Capacitors on input and output connections - keeps electrical or vehicle noise down
  • Industrial Strength DC Power distribution
  • Genuine Anderson PowerPole Connectors with silver plated contact pins
  • Hot-Connect, quick-change PowerPole connections
  • ARES, RACES, RSGB, ARRL standard connectors
  • Use in the Car, EOC, Go-Kit, Home, Base station, or all of them!
  • Car adapters also available to charge or power directly from cigarette lighter plug
  • Shipping is about $5 for 1-2 units in the USA

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  • Board Dimensions: 3.75" x 2.25" x 1/16"
  • Total Current 30A, up to 15A continuous from battery

Power Transfer/Charger Kit Assembly and Documentation
Here are the kit Assembly Instructions: in MS Word .DOCX format(7MB) or in PDF format(700KB)
Top Assembly Diagram
Bottom Assembly Diagram
Schematic Diagram JPEG
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Designed and built in the USA - by a HAM for HAMs
Contact me email or by my callsign through QRZ.com or ARRL.net.