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Power Transfer/Charger Kit
Power Transfer/Charger Kit
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Power Distribution Center Kit
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Power Connector Kit

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Power Transfer Charger Kit V1.1

As shown in the 2019 ARRL Handbook!

Power Transfer/Charger Kit             (Battery not included)
Corner View PTC110corner

Back View PTCback
  • Options - 6 PowerPole connectors, or up to 3 USB charger Modules (just order extra modules)
  • Build your own Kit - save money and do it yourself!
  • Board form factor sized to sit atop a 7-9Ah Gel Cell battery, only 1/2" high - solid 1/16" thick board
  • Charges and transfers power to 7-9Ah battery from external 13.8V supply
  • Adjustable Over-Voltage cutoff, to prevent battery damage from overcharging
  • Battery fused to protect it and external equipment
  • Board Handles 30A for Power Distribution
  • Ultra-low resistance MOSFET handles 15A continuous (up to 25A surge) from battery
  • Up to 3 USB 5VDC 2.5A Power Modules (instead of PowerPole connectors)
  • Battery switch to disconnect the battery if desired
  • Switched Digital Voltmeter - reads Vin/out, Battery voltage or Off
  • Filter Capacitors on input and output connections - keeps electrical or vehicle noise down
  • Industrial Strength DC Power distribution
  • Works even completely Under Water! (tested for this, but not recommended)
  • 5 or 6 Genuine Anderson PowerPole Connectors with silver plated contact pins
  • Hot-Connect, quick-change PowerPole connections
  • ARES, RACES, RSGB, ARRL standard connectors
  • Use in the Car, EOC, Go-Kit, Home, Base station, or all of them!
  • Car adapters also available to charge or power directly from cigarette lighter plug
  • Shipping is about $5 flat for 1-2 units in the USA

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  • Board Dimensions: 3.75" x 2.25" x 1/16"
  • Total Current 30A, up to 15A continuous from battery

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Power Transfer/Charger Kit Assembly and Documentation
Here are the current kit Assembly Instructions: in MS Word .DOCX format(7MB) or in PDF format(700KB)
Version 1.1
PTC111 V1.11 Top Assembly Diagram
V1.11 Bottom Assembly Diagram
V1.11 Schematic Diagram JPEG
PTC110 V1.10 Top Assembly Diagram
V1.10 Bottom Assembly Diagram
V1.10 Schematic Diagram JPEG

Top Assembly Diagram
Bottom Assembly Diagram
Schematic Diagram JPEG
Designed and built in the USA - by a HAM for HAMs
Contact me email or by my callsign through QRZ.com or ARRL.net.