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Hi - I'm John K9JEB, Amateur Radio Operator from Redmond, WA USA

In my spare time, I build UHF/VHF antennas and design electronic circuits like the Power Pole Distribution Center - for the advancement of HAM Radio.
Please take a look at the products listed on the left, and see which fits your needs.
All products are designed and built in Redmond, WA USA - By a HAM, For HAMs
 Always Locally grown, non-GMO, and gluten-free!

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These are some of the places where you might find me listening:

  • DMR: WA-1 or WA-2 talkgroups, occasionally North America or Worldwide
  • Analog: Tiger Mt. N6OBY 443.325 +5.0MHz (103.5) - Redmond ARES Sunday Night net @1930 Please check in as a visitor!
  • Redmond KC7IYE 145.310 -0.6MHz (103.5)
  • Puget Sound Radio Group PSRG WW7PSR 146.960 -0.6MHz (103.5)
  • Woodinville K6RFK 147.340 +0.6MHz (100.0)

Here are my current DMR codeplugs,
Remember to change the Radio ID and main screen info to your own...
if you want to download these, save the link as an RDT file locally to program your radio.

You can also find my current vehicle location on APRS:  truck or car
Contact me email or by my callsign through QRZ.com or ARRL.net.