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Power Connector Kit PC-6 with 6 outputs, filter capacitors, and a built-in USB Charger!

Also available PC-6 3D-printed Deep Case with Digital Voltmeter!

PC-6 Features:
  • New PC6 3D-printed Deep Case with Digital Voltmeter!
  • Assembly Instructions here
  • Double-thick copper traces have low resistance for low voltage drop
  • Heavy-duty trace circuits can distribute up to 30A
  • 1 input, 6 fused outputs, with ceramic filter capacitors to reduce electrical noise
  • "Fuse-Out" LED indicator when fuse is blown
  • ATO Microfuse, easy access from the side of the case
  • 1 charger standard, and add up to 3 more 2.5A USB charger modules (just add them to the order)
  • Each output and the USB Charger shares the single fuse
  • Build your own Kit - save money and do it yourself! Competitor units cost more than double!
  • Genuine Anderson PowerPole Connectors with silver plated contact pins
  • Rugged DVM case available - Throw one in the go-kit or backpack!
  • Use in the Car, EOC, Go-Kit, Home, Base station, or all of them!
  • Handles up to 45A total load with optional addition of your own #12 AWG bus bars onto the board (see instructions)
  • Flexible mounting options - Case or 4 holes for M2 or #2 screws - 0.1" (2.54mm) diameter

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Power Connector Kit PC-6 (with optional DVM Case)
PC-6 with DVM Case
PC6 DVM Deep Case top view
PC-6 - one fused Input, 6 Outputs, USB Module, filter capacitors PC-6 front corner
PC-6 underside
Deep Case and DVM, for protection in backpacks and go-kits PC-6 DVM Case 3D render
Works also with 1-3 additional optional USB power modules also. Makes for rugged portable power distribution system!
Here are the kit Assembly Instructions and Documents:
PC-6 Kit Assembly Instructions: MS Word Docx Format or PDF Format
Board Files: Top Assembly Diagram Bottom Assembly Diagram Schematic Diagram JPEG Parts List
Designed and built in the USA - by a HAM for HAMs
Contact me email or by my callsign through QRZ.com or ARRL.net.